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“These are the people who stand in a jet stream of daily obscenities and manage to write jokes about them,” she said of those who surrounded her onstage.

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Its first season, Bewitched was the number one show of the American Broadcasting Company and the best rated sitcom among all three networks. It was second in ratings only to Bonanza . [7] Bewitched aired at 9 pm Thursday evenings. It was preceded on the air by another sitcom, My Three Sons , and followed by the soap opera Peyton Place . My Three Sons finished 13th in the ratings and Peyton Place ninth. The block formed by the three shows was the strongest ratings grabber in ABC's schedule . [7] Arnold left the show after the first season, leaving producing duties to his friend Jerry Davis, who had already produced some of the first season's episodes (though Arnold was still supervising the writing). The second season was produced by Davis and with Bernard Slade as head writer, with misunderstandings and farce becoming a more prevalent element but still included a number of more low-key episodes in which the magic element was not front and center. With the third season and the switch to color, Davis left the show, and was replaced as producer by William Froug . Slade also left after the second season. According to William Froug's autobiography, William Asher (who had directed many episodes) wanted to take over as producer when Jerry Davis left, but the production company was not yet ready to approve the idea. Froug, a former producer of Gilligan's Island and the last season of The Twilight Zone , was brought in as a compromise. By his own admission, Froug was not very familiar with Bewitched and found himself in the uncomfortable position of being the official producer even though Asher was making most of the creative decisions. After a year, Froug left the show, and Asher took over as full-time producer of the series for the rest of its run. The first two seasons had aired Thursdays at 9:00, and the time was moved to 8:30 shortly after the third year (1966–1967) had begun. Nevertheless, the ratings for Bewitched remained high and it placed among the top fifteen shows through the 1968-69 season. It was the seventh highest-rated show in both the . '65-'66 and '66-'67 schedules. Similarly, it was number 11 the following two years. [7]

She remained with SG-1 after that mission and became one of Stargate Command 's best officers. She's also their most brilliant scientist and expert on alien technology. She was engaged to Captain Jonas Hanson , later also of the SGC, but returned the ring when she realized he wasn't right for her as he had a very domineering side. She was right to have broken it off as he took over Avnil and started acting like a god to its people. ( SG1 : " The First Commandment ")

“As you can see I exhausted my palette of yellow and oranges,” Ferrell said, holding a nearly finished painting of the president. “It’s a strange hue — it’s not really orange or yellow. I got a new name for that color, they should just call it ‘Mar-a-Lago.'”

There was a slew of celebrity guests: The singer Peaches performed, and George Takei and Patton Oswalt made cameos in pretaped segments, including one with Allison Janney reprising her “West Wing” role as a press secretary . Cregg, berating right-wing writers.

I can hardly believe how the years have flown by! I woke this morning thinking “wow! It seems like just yesterday, has it really been 21 years already?!” I can’t imagine life without Him, and I can honestly say, the years only get sweeter and sweeter with Him, as I learn to love Him the way He needs me to! How I am learning I can truly depend upon Him for my all in all! The more time goes by, the more I am realizes just how amazing my God is, just how great of a provider He is, just how deep His love and forgiveness is, and just how much He truly blesses my life, day in and day out! I can’t sing His praises more and I pray that if He graces me with another 21 years here on earth, that our relationship will only grow stronger, deeper, and sweeter by the day!!! To say I am looking forward to being in His arms, is an understatement! But I know for now, He still has a lot of work for me to be doing, and so I cheerfully put my all into it, and look forward to the day when He calls me home to Himself. :o)

Samantha White TimeSamantha White TimeSamantha White TimeSamantha White Time